The Healthy Lunch Formula


Canva Design DAFJnInNksQSchool is upon us again and whether you are packing up food for the kids or for yourself, healthy lunches are what we all strive for. Here are some tips and ideas to help make it easier on everyone!

Have the right containers- whether it's bento box style containers or reusable sealer bags, having the right storage containers will make lunch prep so much easier.

Have a list of what you want to put in the lunches before you go grocery shopping- There is nothing worse than trying to “wing it” at the grocery store. And PLEASE don’t go shopping hungry. Nothing good comes from that! 

Plan your lunches- Use the chart below to build a healthy lunch by choosing one idea from each category.

Foodsmart BTS Slide Deck 2022 (14)

Prep what you can on the weekends and have those foods already cut up and ready in the containers- things like fruit, veggies, crackers, chips, dips, nuts/seeds, etc can all live in the fridge overnight for easy access in the morning.

Get kids in on the action - They are able to perform assembly line tasks like putting cut fruits or veggies in containers, counting out crackers or chips, making sure the water bottles are in the fridge cooling, etc. 

Don’t forget to check out the Foodsmart app for healthy lunches- categories like No cook, Kid-friendly, One pot meals, and Freezer friendly foods have recipes that will translate into healthy lunches for the whole family!

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