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Inside Scoop: “Zipongo” is Changing to “Foodsmart”

2 minute read | July 14, 2020

While we recognize the world is a bit chaotic today, we are at an incredibly exciting juncture at Zipongo. When we came up with the name “Zipongo” 10 years ago, we wanted a company name that showcased the energy that...

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2 min read | November 16, 2018

Now Offering Meal Kits from Sun Basket!

More people than ever before are looking for time-saving solutions to get a delicious dinner on the table. That’s why the meal kit industry is booming, with millions of... Read More
3 min read | August 11, 2016

Meet Heather Wakefield, Regional Sales Director at Zipongo

“I’m passionate about helping people understand how important good nutrition is to our short-term and long-term health; not just our waistlines.” Heather Wakefield is a... Read More
2 min read | July 20, 2016

Meet Lisa Martin, Director of Sales Development at Zipongo

“With Zipongo, we can help change people’s relationship with food and make them confident that they can eat healthy.” Lisa Martin is the Director of Sales Development at... Read More
3 min read | June 28, 2016

Meet Eric Jost, B2B Content Manager at Zipongo

“I look forward to telling Zipongo’s story to potential new clients in fun and dynamic ways.” Eric Jost is the B2B Content Manager at Zipongo. A Kansas City native, Eric... Read More
2 min read | June 14, 2016

Meet Arjun Shrinath, Senior Product Manager at Zipongo

“I consider myself very fortunate to be able to pursue my passion and make an impact on the daily lives of people at the same time.” Arjun Shrinath is a Senior Product... Read More
3 min read | June 8, 2016

Meet Namphuong Van, Senior Designer at Zipongo

Working here fuels my desire to contribute to an awesome product that helps people make healthier choices.” Namphuong Van is a Senior Designer at Zipongo. She helps make... Read More
3 min read | May 17, 2016

Mett Jessica Yau, Sales Development Representative at Zipongo

“I want to help people make smart decisions about healthy eating, and I’m excited to join Zipongo on its journey.” Jessica Yau is a Sales Development Representative at... Read More
2 min read | May 5, 2016

Meet Dawn Lauter, Sr. Customer Success Manager at Zipongo

“I joined Zipongo to work with a team of like-minded individuals focused on creating products that positively impact health.” Dawn Lauter is Zipongo’s Sr. Customer... Read More
3 min read | April 22, 2016

Meet Scott Samuel, Zipongo’s Director of Culinary Innovation

  “I’m most proud of my ability to share the basics of eating well with others.” Zipongo’s Director of Culinary Innovation Scott Samuel has been in the food industry... Read More

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