15 Simple Tips to Make Cooking Fast, Healthy and Fun

15 tips for fun cooking

Looking to eat better by cooking at home? Start with these 15 healthy cooking tips to save time, cut calories and have more fun in the kitchen.

Easy Ways to Save Time in the Kitchen

1. Clean as you cook.

2. Cook in batches.

3. Freeze or use leftovers. For inspiration, check out Foodsmart’s freezer-friendly recipes or “cook once, eat twice” dinner ideas.

4. Prep veggies and fruit in advance.

5. Use a slow cooker. Here are 10 delicious slow-cooker recipes to get you started.

6. Clean up while your food cooks.

Cooking Tips for Cutting Calories, Sugar and Sodium

7. Use non-stick cookware to cut back on the amount of oil and butter needed when sauteeing.

8. Bake, broil, roast, saute or stew lean meats, fish and poultry.

9. Reduce the amount of fats (oil, butter, etc.) and sugar by one third in recipes.

10. Halve the amount of salt in a recipe, adding more at the table only if needed.

11. Season dishes and homemade salad dressings with a splash of vinegar or lemon juice in lieu of salt. 

How to Enjoy the Experience More

12. Learn new healthy cooking methods.

13. Try new cuisines and ingredients on weekends or when you have more time.

14. Get kids and family members to help in the kitchen, or invite friends over to take part.

15. Involve others in the meal selection experience — have them vote or suggest a healthy recipe.

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