14 Essential Kitchen Gadgets Under $20

Canva Design DAFUquPrSGoThe holidays are a time for thoughtful gifting to friends and family.  In the interest of promoting easy, healthy ways to make meals, we tapped into our team of Dietitians and Culinary Experts to see what tools they’re wrapping up, stuffing into stockings and bringing to White Elephant parties.  Here's their top picks!

Avocado slicer  $11 - Make Insta-worthy Avocado toast a breeze with this handy gadget. This "all-in-one tool splits. pits, slices" and is perfect for the fancy toast person in your life.

Garlic press $18 - Make stinky cutting boards and sticky knives a thing of the past with this kitchen workhorse. The flip handle makes it easy to clean and its dishwasher safe.

Veggie peeler $12 - These peelers are the go-to brand for our Culinary team.  They're easy to hold, have sharp blades and come in fun, bright colors so they're easy to fish out of a packed drawer.

Pyrex containers $20 - Make leftovers and lunches easy to see with these glass stackable containers.  They come in various sizes and are easy to clean.

Zyliss cutting knives $15 - Super sharp and affordable are usually mutually exclusive when it comes to knives.  Somehow this Zyliss kit delivers on both.  Like their peeler cousins (see above), they come in fun colors that will go with any kitchen decor.

Cut safe kitchen glove $11 - Fear not the mandoline with this washable, reusable glove that protects your hands from all types of sharp blades in the kitchen.

Silicone whisk 3 pack $11 - Protect all your non-stick surfaces with this pack of silicone whisks.  They can be used for everything from making pan sauces to fluffy homemade whipped cream with easy clean up.

Tea Infuser $11 - True tea drinkers appreciate a reusable infuser like this one to steep their favorite blends.  Bonus points for adding some loose leaf to this gift for a relaxing starter kit.

Meat thermometer $19 - Stop nosy cooks from opening the oven door with this meat thermometer.  It comes with an oven-safe probe and a magnetic display that can be set to alert you when your turkey, ham or roast has reached optimal temperature. 

Citrus press $16 - Citrus juice brightens the flavor of meals, but no one wants seeds to fall into their finished product.  This press has two cup sizes for lemons and limes so fresh juice is just a quick squeeze away.

Apple slicer $11 - Like the Avocado slicer, this unitasker cores apples and cuts them into uniform slices, making short work of prep for apple pies, galettes and linch snacks during the holiday off-season.

Beeswax wraps $15 - Help save the environment and your leftovers and prep with these moldable, reusable beeswax wraps.

Collapsible colander $11 - Colanders can take up valuable room in the kitchen, so we appreciate the fact that these collapse flat when not in use.  This pack come with three sizes for jobs big and small.

Bench scraper $11 -  A trusty tool for any baker, the bench scraper does so much more than release bits of dough in the counter.  Use it to scoop up garlic, onions and other aromatics to be added to a saute pan or clean up bits of herbs off a cutting board.  Once you get one, you'll wonder what you ever did without it.

Looking for recipes to use your fun new tools?  Click below to book a visit with one of our Dietitians today!


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