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2 min read | October 5, 2022

15 Simple Tips to Make Cooking Fast, Healthy and Fun

Looking to eat better by cooking at home? Start with these 15 healthy cooking tips to save time, cut calories and have more fun in the kitchen. Easy Ways to Save Time in the... Read More
3 min read | November 24, 2018

Should You Be Watching Your Sodium?

It’s common knowledge that Americans consume too much sodium, largely from processed and fast foods. Some guidelines recommend that everyone should cut back, but is that... Read More
6 min read | January 29, 2018

5 Sources of Salt You May Not Know About

  February, the month of love and chocolate, also happens to be National Heart Health Month. And what better way to celebrate than taking care of our hearts? Sodium is a... Read More
5 min read | April 12, 2017

5 Flavorful Ways to Cook With Less Salt

Sodium has become a dirty word in recent years, and with the steady rise of chronic disease in the U.S., it makes sense why: too much dietary sodium is directly linked to... Read More
5 min read | February 26, 2017

Blood Pressure 101

  Your heart pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood every day, delivering fresh oxygen and valuable nutrients to your vital organs. To keep tabs on your heart health, it’s... Read More
3 min read | November 16, 2016

How Much Salt Is too Much of a Good Thing?

Salt in our meals — when are we overdoing it, or should we avoid it entirely? — continues to be a source of controversy. The debate usually plays out like this: Too much... Read More

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