5 Flavorful Ways to Cook Sweet Potatoes

Canva Design DAFQ114W8GQEating the rainbow (making sure that your plate is filled with bright colors) is the easiest way to ensure we’re getting the proper balance of nutrients in our diet. One very popular, brightly colored food that takes top billing in the fall and winter is the sweet potato. In addition to being delicious, they have amazing health benefits.

Sweet Potatoes are high in: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 & Potassium

Like regular potatoes, there are so many ways to cook, prepare, and enjoy sweet potatoes. And during the holiday seasons, we often see them covered in marshmallows or other sweeteners. But hear me out, there really is no need for this extra sugar!  Given their naturally sweet state, they work well to balance out savory dishes or they can be served on their own to get your sweet fix. Here are 5 easy ways to get the best flavor out of sweet potatoes this fall and winter season. 

Roasted: One of the most simple and easy ways to prepare sweet potatoes is roasting them. Simply peel and dice the sweet potatoes into cubes, place on a baking sheet, drizzle with some olive oil and bake! Garnish with a sprinkle of salt and herbs of your choice. I personally love the addition of either rosemary or thyme. 

Soups: Roasted sweet potatoes are also an easy method to make homemade sweet potato soup. Simply use the roasted sweet potatoes and add to broth plus whatever other roasted vegetables you prefer (Ex: garlic, onions, herbs, etc). I recommend an emulsion blender to create a smooth, pureed soup. 

Baked: A classic! Simply slice down the middle or poke holes in the sweet potatoes and bake until soft. Stuff with leftover roasted broccoli, chickpeas & sprinkle with some chopped fresh herbs for an easy plant-based weeknight meal. Dietitian tip: use greek yogurt instead of sour cream as a topping! 

Boil (& mash): The boiling method of sweet potatoes actually retains the most amount of beta-carotene . Try to limit the boiling time though to retain as many nutrients as possible. Once softened, they’re easily mashable for the perfect thanksgiving side dish. 

Salads: Sweet potatoes make for a great salad topping- I recommend serving cooked and diced sweet potatoes with apples, celery, and cashews over salad greens. 


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