The Smart, Simple Science Behind Eating Well and Losing Weight


Wondering whether it’s more important to exercise or watch your calories? Trying to sort fact from fiction when it comes to diet trends? Hoping to find a healthy balance and a healthier you?

Join Zipongo’s Trinh Le, registered dietitian, for our webinar about the science behind weight, exercise and eating well for a lifetime.

  • Weight Management 101
    Understanding the science behind healthy, sustainable weight loss.
  • The Pros and Cons of Diet Trends
    Separating what works in the long term from all the hype.
  • Losing Weight the Healthy Way
    Finding a mindful approach to eating and a relationship with calories that works for you (calories count, but you don’t have to count them if you don’t want to!).
  • Healthy Eating Is Delicious
    Eating well and losing weight doesn’t mean sacrificing what you love about food.

Watch the webinar here:

Stay tuned for more webinars in the near future.

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