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The ball drops and the clock officially strikes midnight.  You're excited and motivated to begin a new chapter and promise yourself “this year is going to be different”.  But as the snow begins to melt and spring arrives, you find yourself struggling to sustain your progress.  It seems impossible to move forward despite a deep longing for change.  The good news is, although the vast majority of resolutions fail, given adequate preparation and thought, you can achieve success.   

Whether the goal is to lose weight, have more energy, improve a medical condition, or simply to get more organized, the following tips can help you to navigate bumps along the way:

Determine your goals. First off, keep your goals simple and attainable.  Start small to avoid feeling overwhelmed: “I want to lose 10 lbs” instead of 75.  Once you lose that first 10 lbs, set another small goal and move on from there.  Also, determine why you are wanting to make a change, not just what you want to be different.  What is motivating you to make this life-changing decision?

Schedule time.  It can be difficult changing our established daily routine but carving out time specifically for your goal can help make it into a habit.  Maybe it’s scheduling an hour at the gym three day a week, or possibly cooking meals at home – whatever it may be, being prepared to change your daily schedule will result in less time crunch stress.

Have accountability.  Trying to ‘go it alone’ can be quite daunting, especially when the going gets tough.  Fear of failure or judgement may also prevent you from building an adequate social network, but having a close friend, family member, or even a Foodsmart dietitian to provide encouragement can help you to stay on track.  

Be patient.  Remember, change takes time.  Steer clear of gimmicky marketing scams promising too good to be true quick results that can give false hope.  Instead, aim for tried and true methods that will produce long lasting changes.  The old adage “slow and steady wins the race” can definitely be applied here.

Believe in yourself.  Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, we can begin to doubt if we are really strong enough to finish the journey.  Kick those doubts and any other excuses to the curb - if you believe you can accomplish your goal, you will.  When life gets hectic, remember to give yourself grace and forgiveness; your journey is yours and yours alone.   

Track your progress.  Knowing you are on target to achieve your resolution is just as important as working on the goal itself.  You can choose to track your progress daily, weekly, or monthly but the information gathered will provide you with direction and can help you to navigate any setbacks.

Celebrate along the way.  Celebrating your successes and failures can be a rewarding experience by allowing yourself time to slow down and reflect.  Sometimes we get so caught up in the process that we forget to take a moment to congratulate ourselves for actively trying to reach our goals!

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