4 Hacks for Healthier Holiday Travel

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From road trips to cross-country flights, maintaining healthy habits can be a challenge this time of year. Fortunately, we can equip you with tips to help you power through hectic holiday travel! Most require minimum preparation but can have a big impact.


Take a reusable water bottle on your trip to stay hydrated, cut back on single-use plastics and save money. If flying, fill ‘er up after security before you board your plane. If available, choose water-rich fruits and vegetables over salty snacks. Hold off on that extra cuppa-Jo and tempting glass of wine. When you arrive at your destination, make sure to replenish!


Travel tends to disrupt our normal eating schedules. Protect yourself from over-eating later by including foods high in protein, fat, and fiber with each meal and snack. For on-the-go snacks, slap some peanut butter on that apple or banana, choose nut-based bars, or grab pre-made veggie and hummus packs.


Movement can fight travel fatigue by increasing circulation throughout the body which can also increase energy levels. Whether your flight is two hours or six, you will be sitting, so take advantage of your freedom beforehand! Take the stairs, skip moving walkways, and don’t sit at your gate.  Explore nearby stores or stands close by. Long flight? Walk the aisles and do some squats while you wait for the lavatory.   If you’re in the car,  include a few minutes of brisk walking into every pit stop at least every few hours. 


Stretching is great for reducing muscle stiffness, a common side effect of sitting for long periods of time and schlepping luggage all over.  Not only that, these simple stretches can be done pretty much anywhere. Once in the plane, car, or train, do these in-seat stretches every 30 minutes or so:

  • Lower-back (3x, each side, hold 10-15 seconds): Sit up tall, place both hands on outside of left/right thigh and rotate upper body and shoulders left/right.
  • Calves (20-25x): With both feet on the floor, lift heels and squeeze calf muscles, then lower heels down.
  • Glutes (each side, hold 30-60 seconds): Lift one leg and place ankle across opposite knee.  Place both hands on raised knee and gently press down. Rinse and repeat on the other side.
  • Mind (anytime!): Relax. Breathe deeply. Focus on all that you are grateful for!

Wishing you safe and healthy travels this holiday season!

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