Meet with a dietitian for $0 using your Medicare benefit.

As a Medicare health plan member, you can meet with a personal nutrition coach at no cost to you from the comfort of your home.

Your nutritionist will help you create a plan that's unique to your health goals, plus help you save money on groceries, apply for SNAP benefits and more. 

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Foodsmart is Covered by Medicare Plans Nationwide.

Personalized nutrition that's unique to your medical needs, budget, and food preferences is critical to your overall health. That's why Foodsmart works with Medicare plans across the country to make personalized nutrition coaching available to members at no cost. 

Foodsmart is a nutrition benefit covered by the following Medicare Plans: 

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Aetna Medicare Advantage
IL  |  IA  |  WI


Martin's Point Health Care
ME  |  NH


Molina Healthcare of Texas


Quartz Benefits 
WI  |  MN  |  IA  |  IN


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How to book your first visit

  1. Schedule your nutrition coach visit.
  2. Follow the prompts to choose a date & time that works for you.
  3. When asked "Is your visit covered by insurance or your employer?" choose "yes" and choose your insurance plan.
  4. Complete your appointment - it's that simple!

*Not sure if your dietitian visit is covered by your Medicare plan? Speak with one of our care coordinators to confirm your coverage. 


How It Works


Step 1: Schedule your first dietitian visit via telehealth.
Find a dietitian near you who matches with your health goals. Schedule your first visit and meet one-on-one on your schedule.


Step 2: Choose delicious meals to meet your goals.
Work with your dietitian to create a simple, delicious meal plan that takes your dietary preferences, food sensitivities, health goals, and budget into account.



Step 3: Save time and money getting food on the table
Your dietitian will help you set up the Foodsmart app for day-to-day support, delicious recipes, and stress-free grocery ordering through Instacart, Grubhub, or Walmart. 
Step 4: Schedule follow-up visits to talk through results and celebrate the journey

With regular check-ins, your dietitian will help you stay on track and adjust your plan as needed to improve your health and longevity.

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Save Time and Money with Foodsmart

Eat well with ease

Eating well doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming. When you meet with a Foodsmart dietitian, you will discuss your unique health goals, food preferences, and dietary restrictions. Then, your dietitian will help create a personalized nutrition plan plan that fits your unique lifestyle, goals, and conditions.



Frequently Asked Questions

Foodsmart is a telehealth program with a network of registered dietitians, complemented by a digital app that includes tailored meal planning tools and an integrated food delivery marketplace.

Yes, Foodsmart works with a Medicare plans nationwide. To see if your specific plan is eligible for Foodsmart, look at the plans listed above or schedule your appointment and we'll confirm your eligibility details prior to your appointment.

Our program is driven by registered dietitians who are clinically trained in medical nutrition therapy to treat all conditions with nutrition. Unlike many "one-size-fits-all" programs, we take a personalized approach to understand who you are and what you're looking to accomplish and then develop a plan just for you. We've seen numerous clinical outcomes amongst our 1.5M members with diseases like diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol. We're confident we can offer the support you need.

We work on your schedule. Whether you are available to meet once a week or once a month, we'll be here. We develop a plan that is specific to you so whether you have a goal to reach in one month or six, we can create a plan to help you get there.

Our nutrition coaches are licensed Registered Dietitians  trained to help problem-solve and work alongside you to create attainable, realistic health and nutrition goals and an action plan to reach them. They will start your initial consultation by asking about your current health goals, eating habits, medical/family history, food preferences, cooking skills, and more, to get a full picture of who you are and how they can set you up for success. With this information, they can help you create small, achievable goals and help to keep you accountable!

During your second visit you will be provided with your new Instacart Express or Walmart+ account. This will allow you to order groceries from the comfort of your own home. 

During follow-up consultations, you will check in on progress, dive deeper into your goals, and find solutions for any problems you may have.

We've helped 1.5 million members eat well and feel their best

The nutriquiz is a great way to make sure i’m on the right path and helps keep me motivated. I’ve been on a weight los journey for 18 months and i’ve lost 55lbs. I’m sleeping better and have more energy. I was surprised by how much more energy I've had after using Foodsmart.

Member since 2016

Foodsmart really has been absolutely perfect for me. I have energy and I can actually exercise now that I have energy!

Member since 2021

I have Hashimoto’s and losing weight can be very difficult. I have lost 10 pounds in 3 months, my joints don’t hurt as much, I sleep better, and have more energy to be active than ever before.

Collin S.
Member since 2018

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