FoodSmart: A personalized approach to helping people learn how to eat well

With so much conflicting advice, it is difficult to know what eating well really means. Our approach, aligned with research by the NIH, is about changing eating behaviors versus fad diets or calorie counting habits that don't work. Most importantly, through Telenutrition and AI, we create personalized approaches to changing behavior.

FoodSmart: How we change eating behaviors

The FoodSmart component of the platform provides digital dietetics, supported with Telenutrition meetings with Registered Dietitians. Our Nutriquiz facilitates personalization of your meal plan and grocery list, along the lines of eating habits, preferences, allergies, and nutrition needs. Your Nutriscore then helps monitor progress against health goals. Our approach meets people where they are to help them learn what eating well means and to change behaviors over the long term.

  • Personalized Telenutrition guidance from Registered Dietitian
  • Personalized meal plans
  • "Nutriquiz" nutrition assessment
  • Biometric tracking
  • Personal preference incorporation, including allergies and food dislikes
  • Regular content by dietitians and chefs on how to eat smarter


Our national network of Registered Dietitians are experienced in helping you to overcome your specific challenges to eating well. They are licensed to create medically tailored meal plans for specific conditions. They are trained to leverage the Foodsmart platform so you can continue improving your nutrition outside of your RD visits.

Meal Planning

Create meal plans from our thousands of recipes that are personalized
to your preferences and are integrated with our grocery list and food ordering.

1. Enter your preferences

Enter your food preferences including allergies and any dislikes for you and your family, and dietary preferences.
Meal Plan screenshot

2. Receive a meal plan

Receive a customized meal plan based on your entered food preferences and the number of meals you want to prepare for the week.
Grocery List screenshot

3. Create a grocery list

Your grocery list will automatically sync to the meal plan. The list will also incorporate any ingredients you already have in your pantry to save you money.

Nutriquiz and Nutriscore

Our Nutriquiz is largely based on research from the National Institute of Health and the well known Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ). We provide you custom insights to improve your nutrition based on your answers, and then use these insights to create custom meal plans and recipes for you. Your Nutriscore allows you to track your improvement in specific nutritional categories like Healthy Fats over time.
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Fresh Content to Continue Eating Smarter

We develop nutritional content each week from our Registered Dietitians, doctors, and chefs, to help you learn how to eat smarter, cook better, and save money. We hold regular webinars on relevant topics such as Strengthening Your Immunity during COVID and Healthy Summer Eating.

Platform for your personalized nutrition apps

We can empower your white label nutrition apps through integration with our original content, and can setup integrations with our existing retail and health partners. This can dramatically reduce your time to market while providing you with the expertise you may not have readily available. 
National Registered Dietitian network access with appropriate licensing
Nutritional assessment backed by AI & NIH research with personalized guidance
Database of thousands of healthy recipes, categorized by type of food and dietary preference
Grocery delivery partner integration backed by patents, including Walmart, Amazon Fresh, and Instacart
Prepared meal and delivery partner integration, including Grubhub, Sun Basket and Plantable
Personalized health partner integration
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