FoodsMart: Enabling people to develop habits to eat well, save time, and save money

Processed food companies spend billions of dollars to market unhealthy foods to people. With the significant uptake of online shopping, many end up purchasing unhealthy items they don't need. As more people have taken up cooking and food ordering during the pandemic, we have created an ad-free, online food market to help people eat healthier, save time, and save money.

FoodsMart: Making eating well convenient & affordable

Our online food market is unlike any other - it is customized for you based on being FoodSmart. It adjusts based on your meal plans, Nutriscore insights, and recommendations from your Registered Dietitians. Your personalized meal plans and recipes are all synced with top grocers and prepared meal partners to maximize your savings, optimize your health, and save you time planning and shopping for groceries.

  • Integrated grocery ordering with Walmart, Amazon Fresh, and Instacart
  • Thousands of recipes, customized to you
  • Healthy prepared meals through Sunbasket and Plantable
  • Integrated meal delivery or pickup through Grubhub
  • CookItNow to find quality recipes based on ingredients already on hand
  • Grocery list synced with your meal planning and recipes
  • Restaurant guidance to help you eat well while out
  • Deals at local grocery stores customized to you
  • Create your own "cookbook" from your favorite recipes

Online grocery ordering: reimagined

By integrating our meal plans and recipes directly with our grocery lists and converting those to our integrated grocery partners, we have transformed the online grocery experience to save hours that you don't have to spare. 
Grocery Order Flow step 1

1. Create grocery list

Your grocery list is automatically created from your meal plan or from recipes you like with the exact ingredient amounts you need. You can also automatically remove ingredients you already have on hand.
Grocery Order Flow Step 2-1

2. Select a grocer

Pick from your preferred grocer across Walmart, Instacart, and Amazon Fresh. Or, you can compare prices across all three and pick the one that will save you the most money, or the one with the best delivery time.
Grocery Order Flow Step 3-1

3. Finalize ingredients

Based on whichever grocer you pick, determine what your final grocery cost will be, and swap out any brands you may prefer. Then continue onto grocer website (integrated in your app) to finalize your order.
Grocery Order Flow Step 4-2

4. Purchase groceries

Login to your grocery account, and determine whether you want to pick up your groceries or have them delivered at whatever time is convenient for you. That's it! Congratulations on getting your groceries for the week.

Our grocery and prepared meal partners

We integrate with the major online grocery retailers, and select prepared meal vendors that align with our goals of providing quality ingredients. We also have the ability to integrate with your preferred meal/grocery vendor of choice.

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Save Time GrubHub

Prepared meals

Now that so many people are working remotely, sometimes we just don't have time to cook. But we know ordering delivery often isn't the healthiest option either. Which is why we partnered with Grubhub where we have Foodsmart recommended foods to help you eat healthier. We have also partnered with Sun Basket, to deliver you meal kits with organic ingredients, and Plantable, to deliver you plant-based pre-prepared meals.

Thousands of recipes

Our chefs create our own unique recipes, and we partner with other quality recipe providers to give you thousands of recipes. This enables us to customize recipes to your tastes and restrictions, and to make sure you always have something new to cook.


We get it: sometimes, you're just in a bind. You have to put food on the table for you or your family, and don't have time to go to the grocery store. Or maybe you're a little short on money this week. Instead of buying cheap, unhealthy food, you can leverage CookItNow, which uses our thousands of recipes to recommend recipes to you with the ingredients you already have.
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