Nutrition Programs

If you're like most of us, you've tried a bunch of different things from diets to medications to counting "points" to reach your health goals.

You're not alone!

Our dietitians meet with people just like you every day who are managing medical conditions, have weight or fitness goals, allergies, and more that our programs are designed to support.


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Weight Management Program

Our 12-week healthy weight program is designed to meet your individual weight goals. Managing your weight can be very challenging and we understand there isn't a single weight that defines "healthy".

Your dietitian will work with you to define what makes the most sense for your specific needs and work with you 1:1 every step of the way.

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Condition Specific Programs

Our clinically trained registered dieitians are uniquely positioned to meet your specific condition needs. Unlike other nutrition programs, Every one of our dietitians is a certified registered dietitian just like you might find at a hospital or through your doctor.

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Health & Wellness Programs

We've all heard it... "you are what you eat"!

We don't just believe this but we practice this with everyone we work with. Our dietitians help you train for a race, get in shape for a wedding, change your mental and physical well being, or simply help get you back in shape!

These 12-week programs are perfect for just that:

  • Fitness Program
  • Healthy Mind, Health Body Program
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Money Saving Program

Are you feeling like less and less food is ending up in your grocery cart lately? With inflation on the rise, your grocery budget might be first to take a hit.  We've got all the tools you need to help you stretch your dollars and fill your kitchen with healthy favorites for nourishing meals.

What's the first step? Meet with a dietitian! They'll work with your specific budget and needs and help you learn how to best navigate all the money-saving tools to maximize cost savings.

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Heart Health Program

Making healthier food choices can help reduce your risk of developing chronic conditions that contribute to cardiovascular disease. Foodsmart's Heart-Smart Nutrition program offers personalized nutrition support from a registered dietitian to guide you on your way to better heart health. 

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We'd be happy to send you more information about the program and ensure this works best with your needs before getting started.

Provide your contact information and one of our patient care representatives will send you an email and/or call you to help answer any questions about Foodsmart and our dietitian programs.

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How Foodsmart helps you reach your goals


Meet your personal dietitian

Choose a 30 or 60 minute visit with a dietitian to define your goals and create a plan. Your dietitian will get to know you — your weight goals, health history, and preferences to find an approach that is truly unique to you.


Get a customized nutrition plan

Your dietitian will create a nutrition plan just for you which will include a meal plan, tips and tricks, and educational tools. That's everything you need to see success!



Build habits with daily support

Follow your meal plan in the app and customize with 1000's of chef-crafted recipes. Plus, save time and money with automatic grocery lists, grocery delivery, grocery deal finder, and more! 

See results and celebrate the journey

Schedule monthly check-ins with your dietitian to adapt your plan based on your progress or changing needs, and to celebrate your wins!

Foodsmart is for you if...

  • You want individualized guidance from someone who cares

  • You want an accountability partner to help you stay motivated and on track

  • You don’t want to be forced to eat foods you don’t like

  • You don’t want another cookie-cutter diet program

  • You're tired of yo-yo dieting, and quick fixes that don't last

  • You're ready to finally invest in improving your weight, and your health, for life


Schedule a free 15-minute info session with a patient care representative.


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What our members are saying

I have Hashimoto’s and losing weight can be very difficult. I have lost 10 pounds in 3 months, my joints don’t hurt as much, I sleep better, and have more energy to be active than ever before.
Collin S

Collin S.

The nutritionist was a game changer! I have jump-started my weight loss. 40 pounds down, 40 to go.
Shannon P.

Shannon P.

I am already down 30 lbs from using the recipes on Foodsmart. Even my 2 year old who is super picky loves the recipes.
Madelyn O

Madelyn O.

I’ve seen significant improvements in my health since I’ve started using the Foodsmart app. I lost about 30 pounds in a year.
Callie R

Callie R.

The Dietitian Difference

Your dietitian is clinically trained to support your health with nutrition. They will take into account your medical history, needs, and preferences and will develop a plan to help you reach your goals. They will help you sift through the confusing and, often overwhelming, nutrition noise to figure out what works for you. They are trained to support medical conditions, mental health, family health, and more. Plus, they're available on your schedule via telehealth.

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