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Meet Kelly

Kelly is a Foodsmart member who has created lasting change in her life by leveraging her Foodsmart registered dietitian through regular telenutrition appointments. Kelly is balancing Type 2 Diabetes and reducing her cost and dependency on medication by using food as medicine

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How we're different

The bad news: Diets don't work. 90% of people who use diets regain the weight in less than a year.

The good news: Foodsmart isn't a diet - it's a solution that helps you eat smarter for the rest of your life.

  • Registered dietitian guidance through Telenutrition
  • Personalized meal plans
  • Nutrition assessment with the Nutriquiz
  • Thousands of recipes
  • Integration with grocery and meal partners
  • SNAP integration

Why Foodsmart Telenutrition?

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Personalized Care

Your Registered Dietitian will work with you and your unique lifestyle and health conditions to formulate a plan that will truly work for you. 

Take Action

Make sustainable improvements by instantly turning your recommended meal plans into digital grocery lists to order through Instacart, Walmart, or in store.

Measure Your Progress

Take a nutrition assessment to set a baseline for your eating habits and review your biometrics and health history with your personal dietitian. 

No-Cost Visits

Foodsmart Telenutrition services are provided at no cost to you. A no-cost visit = a no brainer!

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Save time

We know you're busy, and often finding quality food for you and your family isn't the first thing on your mind.

With Foodsmart, we create meal plan and recipe recommendations for you with Meal Plan and Cook It Now, integrate them with Grocery List based on ingredients you already have, then let you order groceries online through our retail partners. That's called being Foodsmart.

Don't have time to make food? Order healthy food online for takeout or delivery, or order meal kits or heat & eat meals through our partners.

Meal Plan screenshot
Meal Plan
Grocery List screenshot
Grocery List
Cook It Now

Save money

We hear it all the time: "Healthy Food is expensive". A lot of times it is, but it doesn't have to be.

Imagine being able to compare prices for the groceries you need instantly across multiple grocers. Now you can through our integrated partnerships with Walmart, Amazon Fresh, and Instacart. Our grocery retail partners also accept SNAP in most states.

With our thousands of recipes, we give you the option to find budget friendly recipes when you're looking to save a few dollars. Based on your location, we let you know what healthy ingredients are on sale.

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Grocery Ordering
Budget-Friendly Recipes screenshot
Budget-Friendly Recipes
Deals screenshot

Love eating healthy

If only healthy food tasted as good as "junk" food...but what if it did? We know it's hard to find food that you and your loved ones all like, so we ask you about your dietary preferences, ingredients you don't like, and then recommend recipes customized to you to help you find foods you do like!

We'll provide you healthy tips from our doctors and Registered Dietitians to guide you along the way, and give you access to our proprietary nutrition assessment "NutriQuiz" to help you know where you can eat healthier.

Favorite the ones you like most, and explore our thousands of recipes to find more that you do like. And if you don't feel like cooking, we feel confident that the meals you order through our partners will taste pretty good too...


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Hear from our users

Before Foodsmart, it could take up to an hour to decide on what to eat, and my husband and I would end up getting take out. Now, I've lost 30 lbs over the past 5 months! Foodsmart is such a benefit to me.

We're saving $200-$300 a month because of the fact we're not eating out or taking out. We're eating at home more. Financially it's been a life saver!

The Nutriquiz is a great way to make sure I'm on the right path and helps keep me motivated. I've been on a weight loss journey for 18 months and I've lost 55 lbs. I'm sleeping better and have more energy!

My weight loss journey has been great - I've lost 17 pounds, and now need to buy a new belt after my last one was too big and snapped!

As I got older, I gained weight and was diagnosed with diabetes. Foodsmart helps in my daily meals and grocery shopping - I have exactly what I need, no more or less. I've lost 60 lbs. since using Foodsmart - I feel better and have more energy and get out more!

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Cheryl, Type 2 Diabetes, Lost 30 lbs
Susan, Saved $200+/month
Mary, Hypertension, lost 55 lbs
Tim, High Cholesterol, Lost 17 lbs
Whitney, Type 2 Diabetes, Lost 60 lbs
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