Medicare Advantage Nutrition Plans

We know from working with national and community health plans that including nutrition benefits helps plans address SDoH and food insecurity, improve chronic conditions, and encourage member growth and retention.

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Medicare Advantage Benefits Made for Members

Foodsmart supports Medicare Advantage plans to grow and retain members by offering benefits that support those with food insecurity and chronic conditions with personalized nutrition programs guided by our network of registered dietitians.

Medicare Impact Report

We investigated Foodsmart’s impact on dietary behavior, weight loss, and food insecurity status in the Medicaid/Medicare population among CDPHP and Independent Health members.

Foodsmart Medicaid CDPHP IH Case Study Mockup

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Medicare Advantage Star Ratings Impact


Proven Quality Metric Impact:

  1. Measure C04: Improving or Maintaining Physical Health
  2. Measure C05: Improving or Maintaining Mental Health
  3. Measure C15: Diabetes Care - Blood Sugar Controlled
  4. Measure C17: Reducing the Risk of Falling
  5. NEW 2023 Measure: Controlling Blood Pressure
  6. CAHPS & Member Retention Surveys

Supporting Quality Metric Impact

  1. Measure C06: Monitoring Physical Activity
  2. Measure C07: Adult BMI Assessment
  3. Measure C08: Special Needs Plan (SNP) Care Management

How it works


Meet with a registered dietitian via telehealth

Members work with a dietitian to define health goals and create a personalized plan. We can connect over the computer, phone or through a care coordinator. Then, members get set up on our mobile and web-based app so they have day-to-day support.


Create personalized meal plan

Members choose from thousands of recipes based on the dietary restrictions, preferences, and budget for themselves and their families. They, they create a meal plan and transfer ingredients to their grocery cart. 



Deliver food right to your door

Members can order groceries for pickup or delivery directly in the app - Walmart, Amazon Fresh, or Instacart. If they're short on time? They can grab food from a local restaurant with Grubhub and use the "avocado" icon to find healthy options. Members can also access medically tailored meals.

Monthly check-ins

With regular check-in's with a registered dietitian, members stay on track and adjust as they go to maximize results.

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HubSpot Video

Meet Kelly!

Kelly is a Foodsmart member through CDPHP health plan. She has created lasting change in her life balancing Type 2 Diabetes and reducing her cost and dependency on medication by using food as medicine.


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Medicare RFP Template

In our Medicare Advantage RFP template, we've pulled together everything you need to begin addressing Food Insecurity and creating Health Equity in your upcoming RFP response. With our proven retention and STARs impact, we will ensure you are successfully growing and retaining you member population year over year.


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Why Foodsmart?


NPS Score

Attract and Retain Members

Foodsmart creates an experience members love, with an NPS of 86 that rivals Apple & Amazon. We help you supply your members with healthy food cards, medically tailored meals for delivery, and food subsidies. We work with you to create a program your members couldn't imagine being without.


Reverse Food Insecurity

Reverse Food Insecurity and Create Health Equity

We remove barriers to eating better by leveraging the registered dietitian relationship to empower and motivate members. We make eating well affordable with price comparison and SNAP integration. To ensure accessibility, we offer grocery and prepared meal delivery, including medically tailored meals and food cards.


Year Diabetes Reversal

Improve Chronic Conditions

We know food is medicine. Foodsmart is proven through numerous clinical publications to significantly impact major chronic conditions. For instance, we’ve helped ⅓ of our members with obesity achieve sustained weight loss of >5% of body weight and 39% of our members with diabetes reverse it after 2 years.


In Year 1

Generate ROI

Foodsmart is a qualified ROI-generating medical cost (instead of an administrative cost), which can route fees through claims as a national provider organization.

We built Foodsmart to make your life easy

We designed our contract and platform integration based on the infrastructure you already have in place to save you time and money


Claims Based Billing

We have our own provider organization, and leverage our experience working with other health plans to adhere to your existing medical policies to deliver telenutrition.




Performance Contracts

We can set up our contracts based on ROI, medical savings, utilization, or other metrics that tie into your actuarial grids to create easy plan design.


Bid Support

We know how to work with your product and actuarial teams to help you submit our product in your Medicare and Medicaid bids such as for medically tailored meals and supplemental benefits.

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