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Foodsmart provides nutrition benefits to Medicaid population nationwide

to tackle food insecurity and create lasting change in communities.

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The registered dietitian relationship is the foundation of Foodsmart. RD's craft personalized nutrition plans to support members with a variety of health conditions and goals - whether they want to feel more energized, better manage chronic conditions, or simply stay motivated to eat better.

Meal Planning

In our digital platform, accessible by phone or web, members can browse from healthy recipes, plan meals for the week, and automatically transfer ingredients to their grocery list.

Grocery Ordering

Members can compare the prices between local grocers to find the best deals. They can save ~2 hours per week on meal planning and grocery shopping, and ~34% on each grocery order.

Affordable Meal Delivery and Grubhub

Members can order food through Grubhub and filter for healthy options. They can order groceries through our partners like Walmart, Amazon Fresh, or local stores via Instacart, or order medically tailored meals.

Foodsmart is a product members love, as evidenced by our NPS of 80+, that helps retain and grow your Medicaid population.

39% of food insecure members become food secure in 6 months.

Members save ~34% on each grocery order and save up to 2 hours each week on meal planning and buying groceries.

Tackle Food Insecurity and Create Health Equity in your Community



Foodsmart creates lasting and sustainable change in Medicaid communities by tackling the root causes of food and nutrition insecurity. We provide members with personalized guidance and access to affordable healthy food options. In turn, we see improved food and nutrition security, more health equity, and better engagement and enrollment.


It all starts with our Registered Dietitians who offer nutrition counseling and help determine whether members are eligible for SNAP and, if so, help them get enrolled. Members can set goals and learn them how to achieve them. In between appointments, members can stick to their plan with meal planning and grocery ordering with online grocers that accept EBT/SNAP. Foodsmart reduces food costs sustainably without any additional spend by Medicaid plans through grocery basket price comparisons and SNAP enrollment. Ultimately, Foodsmart creates lasting behavior change that leads to clinically validated health improvements and reduced costs related to chronic conditions.


Medicaid Impact Report

We investigated Foodsmart’s impact on dietary behavior, weight loss, and food insecurity status in the Medicaid/Medicare population among CDPHP and Independent Health members.

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Meet Kelly!

Kelly is a Foodsmart customer through CDPHP who has created lasting change in her life. Kelly is balancing Type 2 Diabetes and reducing her cost and dependency on medication by using food as medicine.


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We've put together everything you need to kick start your process in tackling Food Insecurity and Health Equity in your upcoming bids.


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