Addressing nutrition needs
customized to your population

From our work with Commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare members, we know that every population has different needs, which is why we design solutions customized to your population

We work with health plans across Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial, including:

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Proven clinical value for your members

Sustained and cost effective weight loss

Over 1/3 of our Obese users see >5% weight loss over at least 24 months.

Measured biomarker improvement

Our users see a 5-10% improvement in blood pressure and cholesterol, in addition to weight loss and waist reduction.

ROI: Savings & revenue growth

Our savings decrease your medical costs, improve member retention and help member acquisition. Our fees are at-risk to make sure you get the savings you deserve.

Calculate the estimated annual cost for your population from nutrition related diseases


Cardiovascular Disease


Chronic Kidney Disease


Congestive Heart Failure



COVID Hospitalization

Colorectal Cancer

Breast Cancer

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How we help you versus other digital health programs

We work with your members to improve health outcomes beyond diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. As poor nutrition is the leading driver of disease in the United States today, we provide cost effective solutions.
Attract and retain members

While many members are currently unable to access in-person care, we can provide them access to Telenutrition with our Registered Dietitians through Foodsmart. Foodsmart's platform gives your members the foundational tools to create sustainable change in eating behavior to keep them healthy and happy while working remotely.

Address chronic conditions

We help with more than weight and Diabetes. Our dietitians are licensed to help your employees with all conditions linked to nutrition, such as CKD, heart disease, autoimmune conditions, and more. Foodscripts (Fx) addresses these specific conditions through food subsidies catered to that condition, such as Fx Outpatient for post-CHF admissions.

Provide food security

Through Foodsecure, we work with you to provide food subsidies to your members who are struggling more financially, such as your Medicaid or Duals population, or those dealing with general food insecurity. We accept SNAP through our online grocery partners, and provide customized grocery deals to your members to save them money.

We built Foodsmart to make your life easy

We designed our contract and platform integration based on infrastructure you already have in place to save you time and money

Claims based billing

We have our own provider organization, and leverage our experience working with other health plans to adhere to your existing medical policies to deliver telenutrition.

At-risk contracts

We can set up our contracts based on ROI, medical savings, utilization, or other metrics that tie into your actuarial grids to create easy plan design.

Partner platform integration

We work with every major channel partner and have experience integrating with your platform. We similarly work with the major benefits consultants.

Bid support

We know how to work with your product and actuarial teams to help you submit our product in your Medicare and Medicaid bids.

Weight Loss Publication

Explore our publication with the Journal of Medical Internet Research to learn how 33% of our obese users lost at least 5% of their body weight over 24+ months using Foodsmart
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Medicaid Clinical Study

Learn how we used Foodsmart, formerly Zipongo, to help Medicaid members to improve their blood pressure and cholesterol by 5-10%
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New York Times
Press Release

Read our piece in the New York Times showing how Google and others use Foodsmart, formerly Zipongo, to improve fruit and vegetable consumption as well as their overall nutrition
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