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Provides its services to 1.3+ million US patients and works with a number of major insurers, employers and health systems.

In clinical studies, adoption of Foodsmart is associated with weight loss,2,3 HbA1c reduction,4 and improvement in nutritional insecurity status.5

2 Hu EA, et al. Weight reduction through a digital nutrition and food purchasing platform among users with obesity: longitudinal study. J Med Internet Res 2020; 22(9): e19634.

3 3 Hu EA, et al. Sustaining weight loss among adults with obesity using a digital meal planning and food purchasing platform for 12, 24, and 36 months: a longitudinal study. Nutr J 2021; 20(1): 8.

4 Shea B, et al. Changes in glycemic control among individuals with diabetes who used a personalized digital nutrition platform: longitudinal study.
5 Data on File.

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What’s included for your patients with this LDL-c Foodscript:

  • LDL-c cholesterol tracker showing where the patient is on their journey to guideline recommended target based on their history of ASCVD.
  • High level guidance on heart healthy nutritional practices and their evidence-based linkage to atherosclerotic heart disease.
  • Recipes customized to their nutritional needs, taste preferences, household economics and time availability.
  • Online grocery ordering and/or delivery with couponing and comparison shopping to save patients 35% on food costs.
  • Access to every major grocer in the United States, healthy meal kits, and healthy prepared meals (powered by GrubHub) to ease attainment of foods.
  • Nutritional insecurity screening with care coordination pathways to get patients enrolled in SNAP benefits.
  • Educational modules to help them understand their risk of ASCVD events, what cholesterol is and how it can be controlled, impact of lifestyle changes, and importance of medication adherence.
  • Ability to interact with a registered dietitian to learn more about empowering their health through food.
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The clinically-validated1 Foodscript from Foodsmart is a free, educational and food-as-medicine guided journey to help your patients understand their health and empower their actions.

Percent Change in Lipid Markers

1 Hu EA, et al. Evaluating the impact of a digital nutrition platform on cholesterol levels in users with dyslipidemia: longitudinal study. JMIR Cardio 2021; 5(1): e28392.

Download the Clinical Study

Download the Clinical Study “Evaluating the Impact of a Digital Nutrition Platform on Cholesterol Levels in Users with Dyslipidemia: Longitudinal Study”

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Why Foodscripts?

Both US and European Guidelines spend considerable time discussing the importance of diet and lifestyle in reaching target LDL-c and minimizing the risk of ASCVD.  Diet and lifestyle are quite difficult for patients to navigate on their own.  Foodscripts provides them the support they need on a journey to empowered health.

Is there a cost to me or my patients?
No. The Cholesterol Foodscripts app is free to patients and providers. Patients will still need to pay for groceries or meals they have delivered.
How is the Foodscript free?
Foodsmart is focused on health equity as a company and wants to remove barriers to healthy eating.  Because of this, we have deprioritized app access fees in favor of transactional fees (e.g. scheduling telehealth visits with Foodsmart RD network, grocery cart referral fees, advertising fees) we can earn by engaging patients in the platform.
Is there a way for me to refer my patients without requesting a Foodscript pad?
We find its best for the patient to have a reference that they can go to when they get home from their appointment. However, if you want to incorporate the Foodscript into your discharge materials or text/email campaigns to patients you can refer them to the following links: learn.fxcholesterol.com to watch videos explaining the Foodscript and enroll.fxcholesterol.com to redeem their Foodscript.
What if my patient is already seeing a registered dietitian?
We know the power of patients having a primary care relationship with a registered dietitian and our experience is that many patients do not have access to this today. However, some patients will and Foodsmart does not want to interrupt an existing provider relationship or risk having patients receive conflicting advice. Our registered dietitian network is available for patients who do not currently have a relationship with a registered dietitian.
May I get a demo of the Foodscript before referring my patients?
Yes - we would love to show you what we have built and get your feedback, answer any questions you have, and have you be fully comfortable prior to referral.  Email baxter.webb@foodsmart.com to schedule a brief 30 minute demo today.
How does Foodsmart drive behavior change related to food?
Importantly, Foodsmart is not a diet. Rather, we meet patients where they are and try to solve barriers to smart eating in their life. Depending on the person, we see these barriers manifest as cost barriers, convenience barriers, or mental barriers. Our marketplace integrates with meal kit delivery services, prepared food delivery services and every major grocer in the United States. Through this marketplace, we make procurement of healthy food easy and affordable. Through our platform and interactions with our registered dietitians, we help nudge patients toward smarter food choices over time.
How does Foodsmart specifically address food and nutritional insecurity?
Foodsmart reverse food insecurity for 39% of patients within 6 months. This is achieved by us screening for food insecurity, having workflows in place to get patients registered for EBT benefits where appropriate, providing recipes customized to the financial ability of each household, and saving patients 34% on groceries through our integrations with food vendors.
How were the cholesterol education modules developed?
We performed analyses of internet searches to understand the questions that patients were asking Dr. Google. With these questions in hand, we performed literature searches to answer each question – always trying to find level I evidence. The results of these searches were synthesized into presentations which were independently reviewed by clinical and patient literacy experts. Dr. Robert Shapiro, a fellow of the American College of Cardiology, then recorded videos highlighting this evidence.
But can you really engage patients?
Yes – Foodsmart uses a full communications engine with messaging and tactics which have been refined through analysis over time. This results in us having activation rates 4 to 5 times higher than other behavior-based approaches. You play an important part in this process though, which is why getting a Foodscript pad and referring patients to us is a key first step in engagement.
Can I get reports on how my patients are progressing with Foodsmart?
Yes, Foodsmart is a part of the CommonWell data sharing environment through our electronic medical record provider. With your patient’s permission, we can share Nutriscore progression and other health metrics. Contact baxter.webb@foodsmart.com to explore data reporting requirements.
I have another question not listed here.
Not a problem – please feel free to email baxter.webb@foodsmart.com – we’re super responsive and promise not to spam you.