Foodsecure: Creating food accessibility & affordability for everyone

Millions more are now facing food insecurity due to our current economic conditions. The pandemic has only exacerbated a problem that has existed for years. Our Foodsecure program works to make healthy food affordable for those struggling financially.

Food donation in cardboard box

Provide food to those struggling with food insecurity

With furloughed workers and unemployment at the highest rate since the Great Depression, your lower income members and employees need food now more than ever. With Foodsecure, you can target members to provide meal subsidies, subsidize delivery fees for people in rural areas or in food deserts, or frozen meals for those disabled and who can’t cook easily.

Use SNAP/EBT to order healthy food

Since over 90% of US households are covered, those with SNAP EBT can benefit from ordering groceries online now. But, wouldn't it be better if they could be guided to order healthy food? Now they can through Foodsmart: Foodsmart creates an ad-free environment where individuals can order from online grocers like Walmart and Amazon Fresh that accept EBT.

Using EBT card at grocery store

States now accepting SNAP for online grocery

The pandemic has escalated the number of states piloting acceptance of SNAP/EBT for online groceries at Walmart and Amazon Fresh, both of which are our partners. Over 40 states now accept SNAP/EBT for online groceries, covering over 90% of the population.

States piloting online grocery EBT

Replace your subsidized cafeteria

Many of your employees or members are now working remote and cannot access their usual cafeteria with subsidized healthy food. Now, you can subsidize that same healthy food to them through Foodsmart. Select from prepared meals with our partners at Sun Basket or Plantable, or from meal delivery/takeout through Grubhub.
Prepared Meals

Comparison shop instantly

Through our integrated online grocery partners Walmart, Amazon Fresh, and Instacart, you can almost instantly compare prices for your entire grocery list and choose the grocery store that is going to save you the most money.

Provide custom grocery and prepared meal deals

Based on where your members live, we provide customized discounts for healthy foods at local grocery stores. We also provide regular discounts on prepared meals negotiated with our retail partners that we've passed on to our users.

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