Foodscripts: Inpatient and Outpatient

What does Food as Medicine really mean? It means realizing that food is the foundation for preventing or curing the majority of diseases, beyond well known ones like Diabetes. We work with you to create food subsidies for induction diets to help manage or even reverse Outpatient (e.g., Diabetes) diseases and avoid readmission for Inpatient (e.g., CHF) conditions.

Foodscripts: We help more than your standard disease management platform

While prescription medication (Rx) can certainly help conditions, it often comes at a cost, both financially and in terms of side effects. However, research now shows that food prescriptions (Fx) can have an even bigger effect on managing and even reversing conditions, with no side effects and at a much lower cost. Our RDs are licensed to handle many conditions typically linked to nutrition.

  • CKD Fx
  • ESRD Fx
  • CHF Fx
  • CVD Fx
  • Hypertension Fx
  • Stroke Fx
  • Colorectal Cancer Fx
  • Breast Cancer Fx
  • Diabetes Fx
  • Pre-Diabetes Fx
  • IBD Fx

Foodscripts member journey

Your members will leverage their existing Foodsmart platform to schedule telenutrition appointments with Registered Dietitians, receive custom meal plans, and set up their regular food subsidies for their Fx.
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1. Enroll in the program

Your health plan will inform you that you can participate in a Foodscripts program where you will receive free or subsidized food
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2. Meet with a registered dietitian

Schedule time with a Registered Dietitian to meet, through telenutrition, to create a meal plan customized for you
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3. Select meals for the week

Based on your dietary restrictions, goals set with your dietitian, and your taste preferences, select your prepared meals for the week
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4. Measure your progress

See how you're doing against the goals you created with your Registered Dietitian and make changes accordingly to keep improving

Creating a Foodscripts program for your members

We work together during our simple, three step process to lead you from identifying members for specific Fx programs, to delivering health outcomes and ROI
Define program and enroll

Determine which disease(s) you'd like to focus on, define who is eligible, identify optimal marketing channels, and then jointly recruit and enroll members with us

Execute program

Evaluate and match members with Registered Dietitians, create dedicated meal plans and subsidies, coordinate with physicians, and execute weekly member consultations

Measure impact

Evaluate metrics for success, make adjustments to food subsidies or target audience as needed, and scale to other diseases based on success achieved

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