Foodsmart Telenutrion Benefits for Employers

We know from working with over 700 employers today that employee nutrition benefits
decrease healthcare costs, increase productivity and improve retention

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Create health equity & tackle turnover with the largest national Telenutrition and Foodcare network that makes eating well easy, affordable, and accessible for all.

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Telenutrition Benefits

A Foodsmart registered dietitian will work directly with each employee to craft a personalized nutrition plan to support employees with a variety of health conditions and goals. This nutrition expert helps all employees, whether it’s someone just trying to make eating less stressful, or lose a bit of COVID weight.
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Mobile & Web App

Our mobile and web application tracks progress, recommends meals, and integrates with grocers and food delivery services to make eating well simple and affordable.
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Meal Planning and Grocery Ordering

In our digital platform, employees can browse from healthy recipes, plan meals for the week, and automatically transfer ingredients to their grocery list. They can then compare the prices between local grocers to find the best deals. On average people save 2 hours per week on meal planning and grocery shopping, and 34% on each grocery order.
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Grubhub + Food Delivery

Employees can order food through Grubhub and filter for healthy options. They can order groceries through our partners like Walmart, Amazon Fresh, or local stores via Instacart, or order ready-made meals with Sun Basket.

Combatting Food Insecurity Whitepaper

If you’re like a lot of employers, learning who is food insecure may seem like an impossible task. And although there aren’t always signs, health inequity is quite common. In fact, due to the impact of COVID-19, a projected 42 million Americans will experience food insecurity, a leading contributor to health inequity, in 2021.

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Employee retention & engagement has always been a challenge, but now with higher turnover rates coming out of COVID-19, employers need to consider innovative benefits that offer value to all of their employees. Traditional benefits like on-site cafeterias and fitness centers are less effective as many employees are now working in a hybrid or remote working model. Not only that, but 60% of Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease. Meanwhile, people with obesity were up to 92% more likely to die from COVID-19, which demonstrates how vulnerable our population has become. We know that eating well is key in the prevention of most chronic diseases, thus the need for better nutrition is more evident than ever. Poor employee health has an impact on workforce productivity, engagement, and motivation as well as increased healthcare costs due to increased medical care. Your diverse employees need support to become “food smart” and develop healthy habits that lead to lasting behavior change and better health outcomes. 


Our vision is to ensure people everywhere are empowered to live healthy lives, free of chronic disease. We are committed to DEI to support everyone on their unique journey to better health.

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How Foodsmart's Telenutrition drives value for your organization

Sustained and cost effective weight loss

Over 1/3 of our Obese users see >5% weight loss over at least 24 months.

ROI: Savings & revenue growth

Changing eating behavior decreases medical costs and improves retention. Our fees are at-risk to make sure you get the savings you deserve. 

Employee gratitude

96% of our users value our telenutrition service as a benefit. This satisfaction is backed by our NPS of 86 (vs. 13 for health plans).

Proven to help >20% of the Fortune 500, including:

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Learn more today about how your
employees can benefit from Foodsmart

How we help you versus
other digital health programs

We work with your employees to improve health outcomes
beyond diabetes, obesity, and hypertension as poor nutrition
is the leading driver of disease in the United States today.
Attract and retain top talent

As nutrition is often the most desired employee benefit, we provide your employees access to Telenutrition with our Registered Dietitians through Foodsmart. Foodsmart's platform gives your employees the foundational tools to create sustainable change in eating behavior to keep them healthy while working remotely.

Address chronic conditions

We help with more than weight and Diabetes. Our dietitians are licensed to help your employees with all conditions linked to nutrition, such as CKD, heart disease, and more. Foodscripts (Fx) addresses these specific chronic conditions through food subsidies tailored to that condition, such as Fx Outpatient for post-CHF admissions.

Provide food security

Through Foodsecure, we work with you to provide food subsidies to your financially vulnerable employees, such as furloughed workers, or those dealing with general food insecurity. We accept SNAP through our online grocery partners, and provide customized grocery deals to your employees to save them money.

We built Foodsmart to make your life easy

We designed our contract and platform integration based on
infrastructure you already have in place to save you time and money

Claims based billing

We have our own provider organization, and work with 5 of the 7 major health plans to create claims based billing. We adhere to your existing medical policies and benefit coverage rules to deliver telenutrition.

Performance contracts

We can set up our contracts based on utilization, eligibility, and performance goals such as nutrition and weight loss improvement. We can ingest your employees' claims data to validate all metrics.

Partner platform integration

We work with every major channel partner and have experience integrating with whatever platform you use. We similarly work with the major benefits consultants.

Meet Kelly!

Kelly is a Foodsmart customer through CDPHP who has created lasting change in her life. Kelly is balancing Type 2 Diabetes and reducing her cost and dependency on medication by using food as medicine.


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Our channel partners

We have years of experience working and
integrating with major wellness platforms

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Foodsmart is a tool that benefits our associate population to make healthy choices. Our associates love the variety of recipes, and how quick and easy it is to create a grocery list and upload for grocery delivery to your doorstep. Meal planning certainly got easier after we implemented Foodsmart.

Foodsmart makes it convenient for our associates to choose healthy options in an easy to use format. I love the variety of recipes, how quickly it is to create a grocery list and upload for grocery delivery to your doorstep, along with many features that appeal to any personal situation whether you want to use items already in your pantry, purchase a prepared healthy meal kit, or leverage the Nutriquiz to tailor your diet. I appreciate Foodsmart’s willingness to work with us to create food support campaigns for our workforce during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Julie Lyons, Manager Wellness, Kohler
Mary Burnett, Well-being Senior Manager, Cigna
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Kohler Case Study

See how Kohler identified a need for foodcare and leveraged Foodsmart to help >28% of its Obese associates lose more than 5% of their body weight
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Employee Retention & Engagement

Learn how Foodsmart can help employers improve their employee retention and engagement and combat rising turnover rates in a post-COVID-19 world.
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Learn more today about how your
employees can benefit from Foodsmart