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Foodsmart is a nutrition platform that brings your health goals to life. From expert cooking tips to custom meal planning, Foodsmart addresses everyday challenges you face with maintaining a balanced diet.

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Expert Nutrition Guidance

Expert Nutrition Guidance

Take our industry validated NutriQuiz to evaluate your eating habits and set goals with Foodsmart's nutrition experts. 

Create personalized meal plans

Personalized Meal Plans

Browse our large library of flavorful recipes to quickly build custom meal plans for you and your family. 

Order mobile groceries

Order Groceries Online

Turn your health conscious meal plans into online grocery orders at your local grocery stores through Instacart, Walmart, or Amazon Fresh. 

Not Much Of A Cook?

Say goodbye to bad take out.

Foodsmart offers exclusive deals on meal kits and prepared meals delivered right to your door. 

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Sun Basket Meals
Sun Basket Meals
Plantable Meals
Plantable Meals

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Foodsmart Resources Made For You

Foodsmart members get thoughtfully curated articles written by doctors, dietitians, and chefs to help navigate nutrition and cooking when you need it most. Preview some of our articles topics below. 

Hear From An Expert About Your Heart Health

Heart Health

Learn about the importance of being Foodsmart when it comes to your heart health.
Hear From An Expert About Diabetes Management

Diabetes Management

Resources and information from Foodsmart's clinicians and chefs to help you manage diabetes.
Get Expert Advice on Mental Health

Mental Health

Discover how nutrition impacts your quality of life from mood and sleep, to productivity and energy.

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