Evidence-based Food as Medicine

Foodsmart is rooted in science. Backed by numerous clinical, peer-reviewed publications you can see the evidence in our solution. Our research team, led by MDs and PhDs, apply rigorous epidemiological methods and are grounded in behavioral theories. We welcome any research-related inquiries and collaborations.

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Our latest peer-reviewed research

5% Weight Loss

In a study of 8,977 Foodsmart members with obesity, 59% lost weight. Over 24 months, 33% of members lost 5% of their weight.


Glycemic Control in Diabetes

Among members with diabetes, 21% achieved a normal HbA1c level, and 39% of those engaged with Foodsmart over >24 months achieved a normal HbA1c level.


Improving Cholesterol in Dyslipidemia

Foodsmart members with dyslipidemia, we found that 36% of them returned to normal lipid levels. On average, members improved all lipid measures.


Foodsmart Research Offerings

Partner with Foodsmart to accelerate your research. Our unique database and platform can help answer today’s critical research questions.


Foodsmart Database

Foodsmart partners with employers, health plans and directly with consumers with a network of over 1.5M users. This allows us to quickly collect data and scale research quickly and efficently.


Foodsmart Platform

Use Foodsmart’s digital platform and services for your research study. Leverage features like the Nutriquiz & Nutriscore, telenutrition, SNAP enrollment, grocery ordering and price comparison, and meal delivery.



Registered Dietitian Network

For your program or study, tap into our national network of registered dietitians, who are clinically trained and licensed in all 50 states to deliver personal nutrition guidance through virtual visits and facilitate better health.

Nutritional Epidemiology

Our team of PhD scientists can help you conduct analyses and interpret results from your study. Services include study design, project planning, literature review, data cleaning, data analysis and interpretation, and manuscript writing.

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