Zipongo Expands Repertoire of Nutritional Offerings with Access to Yummly

Zipongo, the digital health company that makes it simple to eat well, today announced it will provide customers access to recipes from the popular food discovery platformYummly, the fastest-growing food site in the world with over 15 million unique monthly visitors. The update greatly expands healthy food choices for Zipongo users, whose menu recommendations will now include choices from Yummly’s database of over 1 million recipes, filtered to suit their nutritional needs and personal preferences.

Yummly is the leading food discovery platform that is using patent-pending technology and proprietary data to understand food and taste. Zipongo’s mission is to reduce chronic disease by positively impacting the one thing everyone does: eat. Zipongo provides highly personalized and relevant meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists tied to grocery loyalty cards, as well as a growing number of food-related innovations.

Some of the nation’s largest employers and health plans use Zipongo to improve the health, satisfaction and productivity of employees and members by making it easy for them to eat healthy food at home, on the job and while eating out.

“Providing access to Yummly’s huge database of recipes will give Zipongo’s users access to tens of thousands of new healthy recipe choices for everything from desserts to ethnic foods to unique dishes from top chefs and foodie bloggers,” said Jason Lau, MD, RD, CDN, Zipongo’s director of nutrition and wellness. “And of course we’ll apply our nutritional guidelines to filter out unhealthy recipes, which will be of particular benefit to users wanting to re-focus their eating habits after the holidays.”

Zipongo searches Yummly’s database in the background and provides Zipongo personalization recommendations with seamless access to the expanded database of recipes for both its enterprise customers and consumers.

Zipongo’s expanded repertoire of nutritional recipes is available now, just in time for health-minded users makingNew Year’s commitments to improve their nutrition and well-being.

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