December 17, 2018

Why Planning Ahead Matters

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It is a well-known fact that meal planning and food prep make it easier to eat healthfully. Why though?

We’ve already discussed how small tweaks to our food environment can have a big impact, largely because we’re all creatures of convenience. Having meals and snacks planned and at the ready makes healthy eating a simpler, more convenient choice.

The key to meal planning is making it work for you. Many people shy away from meal planning because they think it has to be an all-or-nothing thing. That couldn’t be less true. Sure, some folks might prefer to have all meals and snacks planned for the entire week, but some might only need a few family dinner ideas for busy nights. Whatever type of meal planner you may be, we’ve got you covered.

Foodsmart takes the work away with custom meal plans. Simply take a few minutes to tell us about your food preferences and we’ll generate a meal plan that’s perfectly yours. See something you don’t like or takes longer than you have available to cook? Just hit the swap icon and pick an alternative meal.  

Liking what you hear? That’s not all, the Foodsmart app even creates an automatic grocery list to boot. If getting to the grocery store seems impossible, Foodsmart also offers grocery delivery and meal kits that can be delivered to your door.  

Get some hours back next week, your custom meal plan is just one click away!

Happy Planning!

Your friends at Foodsmart


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