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Inside Scoop: “Zipongo” is Changing to “Foodsmart”

2 minute read | July 14, 2020

While we recognize the world is a bit chaotic today, we are at an incredibly exciting juncture at Zipongo. When we came up with the name “Zipongo” 10 years ago, we wanted a company name that showcased the energy that...

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4 min read | May 12, 2020

Foodsmart’s Playbook for a Productive Virtual Grocery Run

With most of the country shifting to online grocery delivery, the process can be more frustrating than waiting in an actual in-store line.  As our team continues to... Read More
14 min read | April 13, 2020

What to Eat if You Get COVID-19

For the immediate and short-term future, we’ve all shifted our new normal to quarantine life: staying inside except for necessary travel and exercise, forgoing... Read More
11 min read | April 8, 2020

Setting Up Your Home Environment to Maximize Health

Whether you’re working from home for the first time in your life or you’re a seasoned remote worker, adjusting to shelter-in-place or quarantine orders have likely... Read More
21 min read | April 3, 2020

Foodsmart’s COVID-19 “Ask the Nutrition Experts” FAQS

If you didn’t have time to tune in to our “COVID-19 Ask the Nutrition Experts” webinars, we’ve synthesized our experts’ opinions to provide straightforward guidance to... Read More
14 min read | March 25, 2020

Camp Quarantine

As more and more people are self-isolating, quarantining, and staying inside to help flatten the curve of COVID-19, online searches for guidance for boosting the immune... Read More
37 min read | March 23, 2020

Does Your Diet Support a Healthy Immune System?

With respect to COVID-19, there are many food- and nutrition-related questions you’re probably wondering about: are there specific foods to boost my immune system?... Read More

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