The Simple Strategy to Staying Motivated

Finding yourself in a motivation rut? You’re not alone. Ebbs and flows in motivation levels are normal. Some days you might find yourself excited to prep healthy meals for the week. Other days it might be a struggle.

Motivation —like many other things— needs to be nurtured. A straightforward way to do this is set weekly goals and celebrate successes big and small. Success breeds confidence and inspires more action.

Here’s how to set weekly milestones:

Step 1: Write down 1-3 objectives for the week. Think behaviors rather than just metrics, get specific and be realistic about what you can achieve in seven days. Examples:

  • Make ½ my plate non-starchy veggies at every meal.
  • Swap soda for water at lunch.
  • Go to two classes at the gym this week.

Step 2: Set up an incentive. Celebrate successes with a small prize or reward, preferably non-food related. Perhaps you’ve wanted to indulge in a bubble bath or a foot massage? Think of something little you can do to treat yourself each time you hit a milestone.

Step 3: Track your progress. Make a note every time you hit one of your objectives. Success motivates success. If you miss a mark, reflect on the factors that contributed and come up with a few ideas for overcoming those obstacles.

Motivation slumps happen, but weekly goals help us stay the course (and even get excited about it). What do you want to achieve this week?

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