3 Ways to Make Healthy Eating Easier

With the busyness of life today, more people than ever before are looking for time-saving solutions to get great tasting, nutritious meals on the table. Here are three simple ways to make healthy eating even easier!

Have a backup meal plan.

Adding new recipes to your weekly meal plan can be fun, but some weeks are just too hectic to go off-menu.

When life gets busy, keep dinners low-stress with a meal plan that’s worked well before. Pick your tried and true recipes that are well-liked, easy to prepare, and that make enough for leftovers to give you a night or two off from cooking.

Batch prep.

You’ve probably heard of batch cooking, but have you ever tried batch prepping? This trick involves doubling (or tripling!) your ingredients and prepping everything in one go so you can enjoy the same meal in the future with almost no effort. Soups, stews, casseroles, and braised dishes are often great for batch prep.

Cook everything at once and freeze the leftovers, or make a “freezer meal” by combining the already-prepared ingredients in a freezer-friendly food storage container to cook at a later date.

When it comes to home-cooked meals, nothing is easier when the prep has already been done!

Consider convenience.

Conveniences like grocery delivery and prepared meal kits help people cook more and eat out less, which we consider a win-win. Zipongo actually offers both of these services through partnerships with Instacart (for grocery delivery) and Sun Basket (meal kits).

Don’t have time to meal plan or prep on the weekend? Sun Basket has personalized meal kits filled with pre-portioned, organic ingredients to create fast, simple homemade meals that are not only healthy but taste great.

Give them a try and receive an exclusive 10 percent discount on your first order!* Just head over to the Meal Kits tab from the Zipongo homepage or look for Meal Kits in the top-left menu in the app to get started.

*Sun Basket meal kits are offered based on your employer or health plan’s chosen bundle and may not be available in all zip codes.

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