How Your Environment Shapes Your Food Choices

From grocery shopping and veggie chopping, eating well can sometimes feel like a lot of work. What you may not realize is how much more work (and calories) your environment may be adding to your plate.

Researchers have spent years investigating this very phenomenon, and science shows over and over again that our environment influences our food decisions — for better or for worse. This is because people are creatures of convenience, programmed to choose the easiest option and take the path of least resistance. Typically, we eat what is easy, fast, and within reach.

So, how can we use this innate disposition to our advantage? If you’re trying to eat well, changing your environment is one of the easiest and most effective ways to support your efforts.

Here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Store unhealthy snacks in an inconvenient place out of sight
  • Place a fruit bowl on your counter
  • Stock your fridge with flavored seltzer water in place of soda
  • Prep healthy snacks like fruit or trail mix for when you’re out and about
  • At restaurants, kindly ask your server not to bring the bread basket
  • Request half of your entree in a to-go box when you place your order

The opportunities to make healthy eating easier are endless, and Zipongo is here to help.


The Zipongo Team

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