Great Cooking Gifts Under $20

Scouting for special holiday gifts for the avid cooks in your life, but don’t want to break the bank? Look no further—we’ve rounded up a list of fun holiday gifts that any cook will love, all under $20.  

Mortar and Pestle

The mortar and pestle have been a kitchen staple since ancient times. They’re a useful tool for grinding and crushing spices, and it’s easy to find a small, elegant, affordable marble or granite set for your favorite kitchen alchemist.

Herb Keeper

Help your kitchen-savvy friends and family keep their herbs fresh with an herb keeper, a clever container that allows fresh herbs to stand upright in a small pool of water. This gadget keeps refrigerated herbs from drying out, so they stay fresh for two weeks or more.

Astro Fruit and Veggie Keeper

It’s always a struggle to figure out what to do when you only need half a lemon for your recipe. The Astro Fruit and Veggie keeper provides an easy, charming solution, especially for outer-space lovers. Who doesn’t want a little martian hanging out next to the orange juice?

Vegetable Spiralizer

If the chef in your life doesn’t already have a spiralizer, this is the ultimate holiday gift. A fantastic way to make lower-calorie, lower-carb, nutrient-dense veggie noodles from scratch, spiralizers are also super fun to use.

Manatee Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

Everyone loves manatees, and everyone loves a hot cup of tea in the colder months, so this fun loose leaf tea infuser is a no-brainer. In addition to putting smiles on their faces, this infuser is a great gift for sustainability-minded cooks who want to enjoy tea without the packaging.

Whimsical Pasta Measurer

We’ve never met a chef who doesn’t cook pasta, but figuring out how much to make isn’t always intuitive. This handy pasta measurer is an excellent and useful gift, plus measuring pasta is much more fun when it’s in the shape of a T-Rex chasing people.

Herb and Kale Stripper

Every chef loves a fresh herb garden, but separating leaf from stem can be a real chore. An easy-to-use, lightweight herb stripper can remove leaves from stems in seconds, so your favorite chef can get back to the joy of actual cooking.

Salad Dressing Emulsifier

A battery-powered salad dressing maker is a fun gift for home cooks who love to entertain and make dressings, marinades and vinaigrettes. Instead of using a hand-whisk, you get a fully blended dressing with the click of a button, and you can use the same container for storage.

Mini Compost Bucket

Your favorite planet-loving chef needs an easy way to collect food scraps for composting. A small, counter-top compost bin like this one is perfect for the job.

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