Getting to Know Foodsmart!

Ready to start your eating well journey? Foodsmart is a great tool to find inspiration for healthy foods that fit your lifestyle and dietary preferences. Take a moment to explore  some of our key features.Check out your custom Meal Plan to create weekly menus that match your nutritional and dietary needs.

With a few taps of your finger, you can even create an auto-generated Shopping List.

Tap Recipes to search our collection of over 1 million recipes where you’ll find categories like Budget Friendly, Energy Boosters and I-Can-Barely-Cook. There is so much to explore!

On Home, you will find a series of articles like this one that will help guide you through your eating well journey. You will also see reminders, such as a reminder to purchase groceries for your meal plan. Beneath reminders, you will find even more educational  articles that may be of interest.

To continue to the next educational article, click “Complete Reading” at the bottom of the screen to prompt more helpful tips.

Enjoy, and let’s get going!

The Foodsmart Team

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