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6 min read | July 20, 2017

3 Science-Backed Benefits of Eating Fish

Ever heard that you’ll be better off health-wise if you can squeeze more fish into your diet? Fish provide very important nutrients to your diet, including lean protein and... Read More
4 min read | July 6, 2017

20 Unhealthy Menu Words to Avoid

It’s not your imagination: eating out while watching your weight can feel like dodging landmines. That meal from your local restaurant could average around 1,330 calories,... Read More
5 min read | July 4, 2017

Is Coconut Oil Really Bad for Your Heart?

If you’re a health fanatic, you will have heard about the coconut commotion. In its recently published Dietary Fats and Cardiovascular Disease advisory, the American Heart... Read More
7 min read | June 7, 2017

Are Red Wine’s Benefits Overblown?

Do you unwind with a glass of wine? Many of us celebrate our important life and career milestones this way. Some of us take it a step further and top off every Friday night... Read More
6 min read | April 28, 2017

What the Heck Is Nutrient Density? (And Does It Matter?)

What is “healthy”? How we define healthy varies from person to person. But, if the first image to pop into your head is a colorful salad, that’s not surprising. We all know... Read More
8 min read | March 31, 2017

How Many Eggs Should You Really Eat?

Do you still have reservations about eating eggs? For 40 years we’ve been warned by public health officials, the media and our own doctors to stay away from eggs. Lately, ... Read More
13 min read | March 30, 2017

11 Healthier Alternatives for Chips & Fries

Do you have a soft spot for crispy French fries and crunchy potato chips? These foods are an addicting source of comfort, and we often turn to them knowing they’re... Read More
4 min read | March 29, 2017

Put Your Best Fork Forward with Good Old-Fashioned Home Cooking

Happy National Nutrition Month! Betcha didn’t know we had one of those, did you? This year the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics theme is to Put Your Best Fork Forward. It’s... Read More
6 min read | March 1, 2017

Is Snacking Sabotoging Your Diet?

To snack, or not to snack? That’s a simple question, right? After all, how many of us have heard about the age-old diet advice to ditch the three square meals and tackle six... Read More

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