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Posts by Sheila Viswanathan, EdD, MPH, RD

Inside Scoop: “Zipongo” is Changing to “Foodsmart”

2 minute read | July 14, 2020

While we recognize the world is a bit chaotic today, we are at an incredibly exciting juncture at Zipongo. When we came up with the name “Zipongo” 10 years ago, we wanted a company name that showcased the energy that...

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6 min read | March 25, 2021

9 Stress-Busting Foods

Stress seems to have a designated spot in most of our lives these days, given all our activities and commitments. While the optimal solution is to address the root cause... Read More
4 min read | June 18, 2018

Food in the News: Microbiome Discoveries and Big Changes for Menus

Just in case you’re not as glued to the food headlines as we are, here’s the scoop on some of the most exciting food stories people are talking about right now. New... Read More
4 min read | March 20, 2018

How Our Nutrition Needs Change With Age

  Nutrition needs change as we get older, and thanks to advances in medicine and technology, many of us are living longer — today the average 65-year-old is expected to... Read More
4 min read | January 16, 2018

Tips for Cutting Back on Alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol is bad for health, and taking steps to cut back if you are overindulging is a great goal. Since there is some research highlighting the... Read More
3 min read | January 4, 2018

How to Kick the Soda Habit

Getting rid of a soda habit is one of the best things you can do for your health. Sugary beverages are a major contributor to the obesity epidemic, particularly because... Read More
3 min read | December 1, 2017

What to Eat for Better Sleep

Busy schedules and hectic lifestyles can mean that we shortchange ourselves on sleep. More than 30 percent of adult Americans report sleeping fewer than six hours per... Read More
4 min read | November 15, 2017

Ask a Dietitian: What Is the Ketogenic Diet?

There are lots of approaches to losing weight, and success varies. The ketogenic diet, which has been around since the 1920s, has been purported to help with weight loss.... Read More
3 min read | October 10, 2017

Can You Stop Inflammation with Food?

There is no doubt that your diet plays a role in your weight. Just how food impacts your body, though, is a popular topic among people trying to lose weight, and the... Read More
5 min read | August 2, 2017

Is Sugar Ever Good for You?

Much of today’s dietary advice encourages you to “avoid sugar” or “eat fewer sweets.” But should you completely eliminate sugar from your diet? Here’s a breakdown of what... Read More

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