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3 min read | October 22, 2014

Why a Big Meal Makes You Sleepy

One of the questions I always get is: Why do I feel sleepy after I’ve had a meal? Folks tend to think their sleepiness is associated with a specific food, and yes, this may... Read More
4 min read | October 1, 2014

Four Food Safety Tips to Stay Hale and Hearty

Did you know that one in six Americans gets sick from foodborne illnesses each year? According to the CDC, what this also means is that almost 130,000 Americans are... Read More
4 min read | June 11, 2014

3 Diet Tips for Your Dad

The right kind of food can provide you with the energy you need to breeze through the day. The right diet can also help you fight certain diseases. Here are some nutrition... Read More

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