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4 min read | July 20, 2022

How to Build a Better Salad

Not all salads are created equal. Bacon bits, iceberg lettuce and ranch dressing are not your friend when it comes to salad. There are a lot of ways to turn something low... Read More
1 min read | January 13, 2016

Preparing for New Nutritional Guidelines

2016 promises to be a momentous year in healthcare. Starting this year, health plans and self-insured employers will be required to provide additional preventive services to... Read More
25 min read | July 16, 2015

Meet Sheila Viswanathan – Director of Nutrition Research

“I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with great people on a meaningful issue that I happen to be trained in.” Sheila Viswanathan, who joins Zipongo as its... Read More
19 min read | March 12, 2015

Designing Zipongo’s New Mobile Apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Designing and developing completely new mobile apps for three different platforms — iOS, Android and Windows Phone — in just two months? It sounded like a crazy idea... Read More
7 min read | December 16, 2014

Earplugs and Eye Masks for a Good Night’s Sleep

Are loud noises — like your spouse’s snoring — or bright lights making you lose out on precious sleep? Check out our guide to finding the right type of earplugs and eye mask... Read More

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