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4 min read | January 16, 2014

Fermented Foods aka Probiotics

If “fermented foods” is a phrase that’s sounding more familiar to you, we’re not surprised. Author Michael Pollan mentioned them in his latest book Cooked: A Natural History... Read More
4 min read | January 10, 2014

Cleanses and Fasts: Are They Healthy?

It’s claimed that cleanses rid the body of toxins via dieting, fasting consuming certain foods exclusively and/or avoiding specific foods. This might involve liquid diets, ... Read More
3 min read | January 10, 2014

Our Guide to Easy Salads

What’s in a tasty and nutritious salad? Plenty of colorful vegetables and fruits, a healthy fat, a helping of lean animal and/or plant protein plus a simple vinaigrette.... Read More
7 min read | January 6, 2014

Our Top 10 Picks: Tasty Veggies for Optimal Nutrition

Most of us already know that eating a variety of vegetables is good for you. To help you choose from the array of produce available at the grocery store, we’re giving you... Read More
2 min read | January 2, 2014

Start Fresh in 2014

Want to optimize your life in the new year? Start here with our two-week challenge to eat two cups of vegetables every day. This is an easy place to start if radically... Read More
3 min read | December 20, 2013

Zipongo Cheer

Here are a few of our favorite things to do during the holidays. Bobby: My family makes me wear a santa hat and MC while everyone is opening gifts. We also dig through... Read More
28 min read | December 19, 2013

Spread the Joy

Giving is one of the best ways to spread a little feel-good to those around you. For this holiday season, we’ve got some gift ideas that won’t fail to put a smile on your... Read More
4 min read | December 13, 2013

Dairy's Pros and Cons

Dairy is cow’s milk and any product made of cow’s milk including cheese, butter, cream, ice cream and yogurt. It’s up to you to choose how you’d like to include or... Read More
15 min read | December 13, 2013

Yogurt and Yogurt Substitutes

Many folks who suffer from lactose intolerance can tolerate yogurt made from cow’s milk, as the beneficial bacteria in yogurt helps break down lactose. Whether you can eat... Read More

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