8 Smart & Sweet Halloween Party Treats

Canva Design DAFNoagHpowAs fun as the halloween season is, it's also sprinkled with snack sized candies at every school event, party, and reception desk. Additionally, with the season being in perfect alignment with the crispness of fall, so follows the caramel apples, pumpkin pies, and sugary sweetened beverages like hot apple cider and spiced lattes. 

While it's reasonable to indulge in some of your favorite treats this time of year, it’s smart to have some ideas on hand on how you can provide healthier treats for around the house, trick or treating, or for any social gatherings. 

Take a look at some healthier and fun alternatives to make your Halloween season sweet (the smart way!) 

Homemade granola: Granola is a fantastic creation that allows for all the creativity and personal touches. The base of granola, oats, pairs perfectly with favorite fall flavors like cinnamon, maple, nutmeg. Sweeten your granola with pure maple syrup or honey or sprinkle with dried cranberries and pecans. Looking for gift ideas? Pack your granola in small mason jars for party favors or treats for the office.

Overnight Oats: Speaking of oats, take those oats and soak them in some milk and spices and pop them in the fridge for a creamy, cozy, and fall flavored breakfast

Tiered Candy Corn Cups: Fill small glass jars with layers of pineapple, mandarin oranges, and top it with whipped cream for a healthy looking candy corn. 

Baked pumpkin seeds: After you’ve carved those pumpkins this fall, save the seeds! Drizzle cleaned pumpkin seeds with some olive oil and top with either a savory spice or sweet spice and bake. Now you’ve got a crunchy, sweet or savory, fall snack! 

Cooked pears and/apples: A classic, simple, favorite for fall. Think of it like pie without the crust and extra sugar. Simply boil down your favorite fruit like apples or pears, flavor with your favorite fall seasoning like cinnamon and nutmeg, and top with some granola or sliced nuts. Go light on the sweetener (if any!) as the fruit's natural sugars will be surprisingly strong after a good boil.  Try this Maple Cinnamon Applesauce recipe!

String Cheese Ghosts: All this requires is regular string cheese and a marker! Draw your ghost-like face on the outside of the string cheese and you’ve got yourselves a quick, healthy, festive snack. Also a great alternative for your trick or treaters! 

Pumpkin clementines: Turn those cuties/clementines into a festive pumpkin. Either peel and add a piece of celery as the stem or keep the skin on and draw on some silly jack-o-lantern faces on the outside. Another fantastic alternative to candy for your trick or treaters! 

Spooky Spider Deviled Eggs: Prepare your deviled eggs as normal, except add a black olive on top to create a spooky spider look. 

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