6 Tried-and-True Workout Accessories

Canva Design DAFBRY9dpg8Nothing ruins a workout faster than headphones that won’t stay in or running shorts that cause painful chafing! Save your workout with tried-and-true accessories that won’t let you down. We’ve compiled a list of must-have gear that will keep you exercising and enjoying it.

1. Non-chafing workout gear. Those of us who have suffered from chafing know it only takes one painful memory to deter us from future workouts. Fortunately, plenty of gear is available to prevent this irritating condition once and for all.

  • Look for biking shorts which have a long inseam and a snug fit. A good fitting pair won’t ride up or cause a loss of circulation from being too snug.
  • Compression leggings are another great option. They can be worn alone or under workout shorts.
  • A non-cotton workout shirt is a must-have for men in order to prevent the nipple chafing that can happen during long workouts.

2. Fitness apps. Fitness apps can provide just the right support and nudge you need to get started (and to keep going). Apps track your progress toward your fitness goals and they can be fun and simple to use.

  • Nike+Run Club (Android, Apple): This popular app tracks runs using GPS monitoring. You can also structure your runs by distance, duration or even speed for high intensity interval training. The app syncs with Spotify and Apple music and adds a competitive edge to your workouts by letting you share them with a social network of app users.
  • Workout Trainer (Android, Apple):  View a video library of free workouts to help reach your fitness goals. Want to train for a race or just get in shape? This app will allow you to save videos to build your own workout routine.
  • Pocket Yoga (Android, Apple): Bring your yoga practice with you wherever you go! This app contains 27 yoga sessions from beginner to advanced. Illustrations teach you correct posture and benefits for each pose. Track your progress with ease through the in-app log or the iPhone Health App. This app integrates with music on your phone as well.

3. Sweat-proof headphones that stay in. Tired of the endless frustration of adjusting slippery headphones while you work out? Consider some of these sweat-proof options.

  • Sweat-proof wireless ear hook earbuds let you to focus on your workout while your earbuds stay securely in your ears. Waterproof technology means these earbuds won’t short out on you either. Enjoy your workout hands-free or choose from plenty of wired and non-ear hook options as well.
  • If you prefer headphones that go over your ears instead, sweat-proof earphones can provide water resistance and be used wired or wirelessly.

4. Comfortable armband for your phone. Work out hands-free with a comfortable and sweat proof armband that holds your phone securely in place.

  • Arm bands with adjustable straps come with many convenient features including access to touch screen features while you train, a silicon protector for your phone and a custom-fit strap for your arm.
  • A multi-use armband lets you wear your phone or mount it in the car or on your bike when you’re on the go. Easy access to your phone is another plus.
  • Using a waterproof armband means you can sweat your heart out or run in the elements without worrying about your phone paying the price.

5. Hydration equipment. Stay hydrated without a second thought with comfortable and portable hydration equipment.  

  • Bring a hydration backpack on your next outdoor workout or hike and stay hydrated, completely hands-free.
  • A  hydration belt can double as a bottle holder and a pouch for your phone and keys.
  • Multitask with a water bottle bluetooth speaker. Jazz up your bike rides or group workout sessions with music while you prevent dehydration. Win-win!

6. Yoga mat. A durable yoga mat with a carrier will last for years and provide a comfortable surface for both indoor and outdoor workouts. Another bonus: many mats are made with eco-friendly materials that you can feel great about.

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