End of Year Zipongo Product Update

In the midst of enjoying big holiday meals with friends and family, we’ve been busy at work on a number of new features and functionality just in time for the new year. We also had the privilege of launching to a number of new clients spanning industries as diverse as tech, healthcare and food service. 

In November, our nutritionists created specific health thresholds to allow for a curated list of desserts. While we strive to always provide the healthiest recipe recommendations, we also know that there is still a place for an occasional sweet treat. We love our desserts here at Zipongo, too! Now, you can find delicious treats that aren’t terrible for you. Our favorites are the Almond Butter Cups and the Simple French Crepes.

November also saw a new partnership with Yummly that allowed us to apply our personalization algorithms to hundreds of thousands of new recipes across the web. With our chef-created recipes as well as our partnership with Eating Well, we now have tens of thousands of recipes spanning all meal types (e.g. breakfast, lunch, dinner), cuisines (e.g. Chinese, American, Thai), and diet and preferences (e.g. Vegan, Paleo). 

In December, we added a number of new features for our premium customers. Users can now see nutrition recommendations based on their genetic profile through an integration with 23andMe. By understanding whether a person has a lactose intolerance or metabolizes caffeine slowly, we are better able to guide the user to healthier options tailored to their genetics.

Along with the integration with 23andMe, the personalization team continued to drive hard on further honing our recommendation system, incorporating feedback loops that provide us with valuable information about our users’ preferences and actions. Further personalization was made possible by integrating health tracking devices like Fitbit and Withings to provide us more comprehensive insight into a person’s health as well.

Finally, we are very excited to announce that you can now find and order healthy food, delivered to your door, from restaurants near you, using the Zipongo restaurant app. The app is currently in beta on Android devices as we polish the experience and get it ready for primetime. If you are interested in being a beta user, and have an Android device, please do let us know at delicious@zipongo.com.

As always, if you have any feedback or are interested in trying out beta versions of our product, please let us know at delicious@zipongo.com.


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