10 Questions Answered from our Personal Nutrition Coaches

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At Foodsmart, we like to refer to our team of Registered Dietitians as Personal Nutrition Coaches (PNCs for short) because that's what they'll be for you; a trusted source to help you and your family meet and maintain your health goals. We asked our PNC team to share some of the most frequently asked questions from members.  Here's a few that were on repeat:

  • What's the best diet?
    • There’s no true answer to that because what works for one person may not work another. Your PNC will work with you and your unique needs, lifestyle, and budget to craft a custom tailored plan that will set you up for success!
  • What foods do I need to give up to lose weight?
    • None! All foods can be a part of a healthy diet, and we focus on adding in more nutrient rich foods, rather than cutting out your favorites. 
  • What are the best sources of protein?
    • Aside from traditional animal protein, we are big fans of plant based varieties! Some easy sources of protein from the plant world include beans, quinoa, and nuts & seeds. 
  • Should I be taking any supplements? 
    • We typically recommend that you try to obtain all the essential nutrients from food first, before considering supplements. Your PNC will help you determine if you are getting enough nutrients, and if adding in certain supplements may be beneficial for you!
  • I’m so sluggish around 2pm, how can I increase my energy levels? 
    • There are many ways to increase your energy levels that don’t involve a sugary soda or energy drink! In general, you can try to space out meals to every 3-4 hours, avoid extra large meals that make you feel sluggish, eat a well balanced meal, and limit sugary beverages and food.  
  • How do I get my kids to eat vegetables? 
    • It can be tricky to get children to eat nutritious foods, so you have to find a way to make it fun. Try sneaking some vegetables into your spaghetti sauce, or making a delicious smoothie with some added frozen cauliflower!
  • How should I think about sugar in my kids diet?
    • We all love a good slice of cake, but we suggest limiting those processed sugars to special occasions! If your kid has a sweet tooth, offer them fruit, which has naturally occurring sugars and an added bonus of vitamins and fiber.
  • Why is healthy food so expensive?
    • It doesn’t have to be! Incorporating affordable plant based proteins (like beans) into your meals can save you money and keep you full. Your PNC is trained to help you craft a unique meal plan that works with your budget. 
  • How can I add fiber into my diet?
    • Plant based foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are excellent sources of fiber. Try to sneak an extra serving of vegetables into your pasta sauce, or add some quinoa into your favorite salad!
  • It’s hard to stay motivated cooking for one.  Any tips for making healthy choices when you’re alone in the house?
    • Joining local organizations like church groups, the YMCA, community centers, and parks district programs can support relationships and help you find like-minded folks to connect with and cook meals together.
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